Thursday 14 January 2010

Mushroom glass noodle | 香菇冬粉

ingredients | 料

4 dry Chinese black mushroom (soaked)-sliced | 4 香菇(切片) 
bean curd skins (soaked) | 腐竹 (浸)
half onion (diced) | 半颗洋葱
1 clove garlic (diced) | 1 瓣大蒜
2 dry chilli (chopped) | 2 条辣椒干
soya sauce | 酱清
light soya sauce | 黑酱油
bamboo fungus (washing by soak in warm water) | 竹笙 (用温水清洗)
one stalk garlic chives | 韭菜
glass noodle | 冬粉

  1. saute dry chili, onion and garlic. 把辣椒干,洋葱,大蒜炒香
  2. add in mushroom and bean curd skins 放进香菇,腐竹
  3. add in soya sauce and light soya sauce to taste, cover and cook for 10 - 15 minutes, then cooked noodle. 加入酱清,黑酱油,焖10到15分钟,再放粉。
  4. After that, put it bamboo fungus and garlic chives and fry for 2 minutes. 最后,放进竹笙和韭菜炒2分钟
  5. Pack and go. 打包走人

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