Tuesday 26 January 2010

pan fried spaghetti | 鸡肉炒意粉

Today, someone invited us for dinner, but is cook ourself dinner at his house. Anyway, we pan fried spaghetti for dinner.

ingredients | 料

garlic 大蒜
onion  洋葱
carrot  红萝卜
red chili  红辣椒
cabbage  包菜
chicken breast meat  鸡胸肉
egg spaghetti 全蛋意粉
(all cut in strip)(全切丝)

1. cook garlic, onion, red chili in hot oiled pan. 爆大蒜,洋葱,红辣椒

2. add in chicken breast meat. 放鸡胸肉

3. when meat is cooked, put in remaining ingredients. 肉熟了,进入其它材料。

4. put in cooked spaghetti, fry about another 5 to 10 minutes. 炒5到10分钟。

5. lastly, add seasoning (salt/ light soya sauce/ chicken stock etc.) to taste. 最后,放进调味料。

P/S may add in water or broth if too dry while pan frying. 炒的时候,如有点干,加点水或高汤。

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