Thursday 7 January 2010

David's Diner, Ipoh | 大卫餐厅,怡保

David's Diner, Truely American Food. Never been to American, but i think American famous with fast food. Mcdonald's, KFC, Burger King, etc. From the menu, we can found varies of burger and sandwich, side dishes and dinner dish and set meal. Burger and sandwich can order as set (with side dishes) or ala carte, dinner dish come with side dishes, set meal come with appetizer, side dishes, one drink, dessert. You may choose your own side dishes.

大卫餐厅? 我给它取的中文名。想不到特别的。称是美式餐厅。没去过美国,只知道快餐是美国的标志。这里有什么东东?看看餐单,有汉堡包和三文治,套餐与否 ,小菜类, 晚餐(附自选小菜), 套餐 (附开胃菜,自选小菜,甜品与饮料)。

100 plus (RM2.80); American lemonade (RM4.00); fresh watermelon juice (come with set) , coke (RM2.80)

100号(RM2.80) ;美式柠檬汁(RM4.00) ;西瓜汁(套餐附送);可口可乐(RM2.80)

Crab rangoon served with thousand island sauce. RM5.80 (4 pc).
Popieh wrapper, inside is surimi, onion or shallot, scallion and something taste sour and white colour. Search on the web, it might be cream cheese. Crab rangoon is a chinese origin dish for western region, usually wrap with cream cheese, surimi or crab meat, garlic or scallion.

炸蟹角配千岛酱 RM5.80 (4 pc)

Meatball spaghetti, side dishes: garlic bread and garden salad RM16.90
It doesn't taste good

肉丸義大利麵,小菜:香蒜麵包和庭園生菜沙拉 RM16.90

Chicken alfredo, side dishes: garlic bread and garden salad RM16.90
Too much cheese added, can't taste the creamy white sauce. The chicken is sweet in taste which I dislike.

白醬雞肉宽麵 ,小菜:香蒜麵包和庭园生菜沙拉 RM16.90

Garden salad with thousand island sauce - one of the side dishes

Fried Chicken (2 piece) RM17.90

Chicken soup | 鸡汤

Fried chicken (2 piece) with side dishes: chicken soup, garlic mashed potato, macoroni and cheese (but the outcome is conchiglie and cheese, =D). Anyway, the taste of conchiglie and cheese is satisfied although the pattern not match with the menu. I think they use much of garlic powder with parsley for the mashed potato which made it strong in garlic taste. Like it. Although chicken soup is use instant powder but after their own modification, make it different from others. Satisfied with fried chicken as it's not too dry, not too oily and not too salty, really suit me.

炸鸡(2块),小菜:鸡汤,香蒜土豆泥,乾酪通心粉(但是呈上的是乾酪贝壳意粉 =D)。乾酪贝壳意粉,味道是满意的,虽然货不对版。香蒜土豆泥很蒜香,还有芫茜。我想是用了不少的芫茜大蒜粉。好味。虽然鸡汤是用即溶汤料,但他们自加了些材料,味道都和别家的不一样。炸鸡, 满意,肉质没有很干,味道不咸不谈,没有很油腻。适合我。

Grilled Lamb set meal RM32.90
side dishes: mixed vegetables, mashed potato with gravy, 2 pieces crab rangoon, one brownies (show below), one drink. The sauce is okay, it would be better if the meat can be tender abit.

羊扒套餐 RM32.90
羊扒,小菜:杂菜, 酱汁土豆泥,2 块炸蟹角,布朗尼蛋糕 (图下),饮料

Dessert- Brownies with vanilla ice cream
The brownies does not like normal brownies, those moist and dense cake. More like biscuit, like granola bar with dried fruit.


 Overall acceptability is average. Been here for few times, some dishes from the menu is satisfied. Their fresh fruit juice is really fresh, burger and sandwich is satisfied, portion alright (some is quite big), environment alright but the service alright sometimes. Compare with others similar restaurant at Ipoh (compatible price and menu), David's Diner is a good option.

这里的食物算不错的, 比其它相同的餐厅在怡保(价钱和餐单类似)。鲜果汁是真的鲜的,汉堡包和三文治不错,份量足够(有些蛮大份的),环境不错,服务就时好时坏。

David's Diner
B-G-1, Ground Floor, Greentown Square, Ipoh.

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