Monday 11 January 2010

Tomato Black-eyed bean noodle | 番茄眉豆签

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ingredients | 料

2 small tomato (cube) | 2 番茄
1 red chili | 1 条红辣椒
1 clove garlic | 1 大蒜
2 shallots | 2 颗紅蔥頭
3 dry mushroom (soaked) | 3 颗干香菇
2 tablespoon tomato paste | 2 汤匙番茄酱
few sugarsnap peas | 甜荷兰豆
black-eyed bean noodle | 眉豆签
italians mixed herbs | 意大利香料

Procedures | 步

1. Dice chili, garlic and shallots. cook in the hot oiled pan until shallots caramelized. 把辣椒,大蒜,紅蔥頭切成小块。放进热锅炒,至紅蔥頭呈金黄色。

2. put in tomato, mushroom, tomato paste and cook till tomato and mushroom soften. 加进香菇,番茄酱,番茄,煮熟。

3. Add in sugarsnap pea. 然后,放甜荷兰豆。

4. add in herbs, salt or seasoning as desired . 加盐或调味料,香料。

5. toss in cooked black-eyed bean noodle. 最后,放进面,可了!

P/S I think wheat flour portion used for the noodle making is small thus texture of the noodle is quite spongy. Moreover, black-eyed bean is gluten free. Better to add in vegetable stock if you have, to enhance the flavour.


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